About Us

From 1984, SMC Precision Sheetmetal has been providing components and assemblies to its parent company SMC Pneumatics – the world’s largest manufacturer of pneumatic components. It was a demand for a reliable, cost effective and on-time delivery source of sheet metal that gave birth to SMC Precision Sheetmetal. Since this time SMC Precision Sheetmetal has grown from a 20 employee company to one of the largest sheetmetal operation in ANZ, boasting a 4500m2 facility and employs a staff of 80 skilled workers with SMC Pneumatics no longer being our sole client. As a leading sheet metal fabricator in Sydney, SMC now supplies laser cut, manufactured and powder coated components to a large range of industries both domestically and internationally. Industry specialities include hospitality, white goods, water and pool heating, air conditioning, gaming machines, food processing equipment, manufacturing components and electrical switch gear enclosures, just to name a few. SMC strives to offer the best solutions to our customers by carefully collecting information to understand our customer needs and then using this information to develop products for our customers which fulfil their requirements – this is done while evolving our products based on our customers changing and future needs. What can we offer you? SMC-About-Us