Powder Coating

powdercoat 5SMC Sheetmetal operates a conveyor powder coating line with both automatic and manual spraying capabilities. A top quality finish is achieved via a three stage pre-treatment as well as a temperature controlled oven. This is complimented by a batch oven for speciality coating operations and small scale runs. When it comes to powder coating steel, SMC Sheetmetal has the experience and the knowledge needed to ensure a top quality finish is achieved without blemishes. SMC Sheetmetal has a large range of standard and specialty colours. Non Standard colours are also available upon request. Please feel free contact our sales staff for further information. SMC Sheetmetal has always known that to be a great contract manufacturer, we must be in control of as many processes as possible. Powder Coating is something that many contract sheet metal suppliers and fabricators have to outsource, meaning they have to wait for certain colours to be powder coated and you as the customer also pays a further mark up. SMC specialises in powder coating large volume and industrial components. Using modern equipment and the most up to date pre-treatment chemicals available, you can have confidence that your product is getting the attention you require.  

Standard Colours: