White Goods

SMC Precision Sheetmetal has a long relationship with many major players in the ANZ region - due to a local commitment to manufacturing and engineering. As the critical nature of a production line is understood by SMC we have become adept at using accepted standards of supply, such as Kanban, to keep your line moving. Additionally our products are designed and built to suit all performance and regulatory standards that may be required by this industry. Our commitment to you is Quality product, with reliable and on-time delivery while guaranteeing commercial savings, both direct and operational. This is a commitment long upheld in the white goods market. SMC has a history with providing components into the white good market that include hot water cabinetry, components and sub-assemblies. Along with major and minor sheetmetal for washing machines, fridges and the extended white good arena. You can trust us to use the latest technology and make it relevant to you, allowing you to focus more time on design and in delighting your customers.